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Volume 21, Issue 2, published 31 May 2016

Refereed Articles

Transferring from Clinical Pharmacy Practice to Qualitative Research: Questioning Identity, Epistemology and Ethical Frameworks
by Adam Pattison Rathbone and Kimberly Jamie

Demarcating Social Practices: The Case of Weight Management
by Mikko Jauho, Johanna Mäkelä and Mari Niva

Putting the Squeeze on "Generation Rent": Housing Benefit Claimants in the Private Rented Sector - Transitions, Marginality and Stigmatisation
by Ian Cole, Ryan Powell and Elizabeth Sanderson

Ontological Security and Private Car Use in Sydney, Australia
by Jennifer Kent

At the Crossroads: The Embedding Work of Market Participants in and Around Markets
by Stefan Bernhard

Adding Narratives to Numbers in a Mixed Methods Study of Successful Ageing: The 6-Day Sample of the Scottish Mental Survey 1947
by JD Carpentieri, Jane Elliott, Caroline Brett and Ian Deary

Socioeconomic Status Differences in Negative Emotions
by Nina Jakoby

Skype as a Tool for Qualitative Research Interviews
by Valeria Lo Iacono, Paul Symonds and David H.K. Brown

Shame on You: The Role of Shame, Disgust and Humiliation in Media Representations of ‘Gender-Fraud’ Cases
by Allison Moore


Damaging the Case for Improving Social Science Methodology Through Misrepresentation: Re-Asserting Confidence in Hypothesis Testing as a Valid Scientific Process
by James Nicholson and Sean McCusker

Special Section: Visualization in Mixed-Methods Research on Social Networks,
Guest edited by Alessio D'Angelo, Louise Ryan and Paola Tubaro

Visualization in Mixed-Methods Research on Social Networks
by Alessio D'Angelo, Louise Ryan and Paola Tubaro

Combining Egocentric Network Maps and Narratives: An Applied Analysis of Qualitative Network Map Interviews
by Alice Altissimo

The Biographical Network Method
by Neil Armitage

The Visual Sociogram in Qualitative and Mixed-Methods Research
by Paola Tubaro, Louise Ryan and Alessio D'Angelo

Qualitative Methods and Visualizations in the Study of Friendship Networks
by Elisa Bellotti

Cases, Mechanisms and the Real: The Theory and Methodology of Mixed-Method Social Network Analysis
by Nick Crossley and Gemma Edwards

Book Reviews

Television and the Moral Imaginary: Society Through the Small Screen by Dant,
Reviewed by Yves Laberge

Introducing Research Methodology: A Beginner's Guide to Doing a Research Project by Flick, Uwe
Reviewed by Andrew Carlin

The Gender of Suicide by Jaworski, Katrina
Reviewed by Nicole Hughes

The Amish by Kraybill, Donald B, Johnson-Weiner, Karen M and Nolt, Steven M.
Reviewed by Allan J. Sim

Gendered Violence, Abuse and Mental Health in Everyday Lives: Beyond Trauma (Routledge Studies in the Socio) by Moulding, Nicole
Reviewed by Catriona Hugman

Qualitative Psychology: A Practical Guide to Research Methods by Smith, Jonathan A (ed.)
Reviewed by Louise Folkes

Books received