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This issue (Volume 19, Issue 3, August 2014, ISSN: 1360-7804)

Edited by Rachel Brooks and Paul Hodkinson

Peer Reviewed articles

'Fighting Science with Social Science: Activist Scholarship in an International Resistance Project'

Stevienna de Saille

‘Ghettos of the Mind’: Realities and Myths in the Construction of the Social Identity of a Dublin Suburb

Martina Byrne and Brid Ni Chonaill

The Paranormal is (Still) Normal: The Sociological Implications of a Survey of Paranormal Experiences in Great Britain

Madeleine Castro, Roger Burrows and Robin Wooffitt

Using Secondary Analysis to Maintain a Critically Reflexive Approach to Qualitative Research

Sarah Wilson

Working at Pleasure in Young Women’s Alcohol Consumption: A Participatory Visual Ethnography

Angus Bancroft, Mariah Jade Zimpfer, Orla Murray and Martina Karels

A Methodological Intervention in Cosmopolitanism Research: Cosmopolitan Dispositions Amongst Digital Natives

Johan Lindell

Beyond Economic Interests: Attitudes Toward Foreign Workers in Australia, the United States and East Asian Countries

Ming-Chang Tsai and Rueyling Tzeng

An Alternative Ethics? Justice and Care as Guiding Principles for Qualitative Research

Martyn Hammersley and Anna Traianou

The Politics of Health Services Research: Health Professionals as Hired Hands in a Commissioned Research Project in England

Simon Dyson and Sue Dyson

Special Section: Mass Observation as Method - Guest edited by Emma Casey and Nick Hubble

Special Section Introduction: Mass Observation as Method

Emma Casey, Fiona Courage and Nick Hubble

The Materiality of Method: The Case of the Mass Observation Archive

Liz Moor and Emma Uprichard

A Sociologist’s Field Notes to the Mass Observation Archive: A Consideration of the Challenges of ‘re-Using’ Mass Observation Data in a Longitudinal Mixed-Methods Study

Rose Lindsey and Sarah Bulloch

'Clearly Necessary', 'Wonderful' and 'Engrossing'? Mass Observation Correspondents Discuss Forensic Technologies

Dana Wilson-Kovacs

Synthetic sociology and the ‘long workshop’: How Mass Observation ruined meta-methodology

Rachel Hurdley

‘Mass Gambling’ from 1947 to 2011: Controversies and Pathologies

Emma Casey

Shared Ownership and Mutual Imaginaries: Researching Research in Mass Observation

Annebella Pollen

The Observers and the Observed: The ‘Dual Vision’ of the Mass Observation Project

Anne-Marie Kramer

Garden Stories: Auto/biography, Gender and Gardening

Mark Bhatti

Rapid Response Section: Representations of the Poor and the Politics of Welfare Reform - 'Benefits Street' and Beyond

Representing Attitudes to Welfare Dependency: Relational Geographies of Welfare

Jessica Pykett

Stigmatising the Poor Without Negative Images: Images of Extreme Poverty and the Formation of Welfare Attitudes

Béla Janky, Boglarka Bakó, Péter Szilágyi and Adrienn Bognár

Thinking with 'White Dee': The Gender Politics of 'Austerity Porn'

Kim Allen, Imogen Tyler and Sara De Benedictis

'Benefits Street' and the Myth of Workless Communities

Robert MacDonald, Tracy Shildrick and Andy Furlong

Golden Dawn, Media Representation and the Neoliberal Restructuring of Social Welfare: On the Greek Crisis and the Mobilization of Disidentifications

Ioannis Prinos

Welfare Commonsense, Poverty Porn and Doxosophy

Tracey Jensen

Book reviews

Good, the Bad, and the Data: Shane the Lone Ethnographer's Basic Guide to Qualitative Data Analysis by Galman, Sally Campbell

Reviewed by Kevin Walby

Ageing, Narrative and Identity: New Qualitative Social Research by Hubble, Dr Nick and Tew, Philip

Reviewed by Julia Bennett

The Naxalities and Their Ideology, Third Edition: The Naxalities and Their Ideology, Third Edition (Oxford India Paperbacks) by Ray, Rabindra

Reviewed by Carlos Eduardo Rebello de Mendonça