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Editorial Policy

1.1 Sociological Research Online is an international journal published in English which promotes rapid communication among sociologists without limitation of topic or approach. It publishes high quality applied sociology, focusing on theoretical, empirical and methodological discussions which engage with current political, cultural and intellectual topics and debates. Articles published by Sociological Research Online are concerned with the application of sociological forms of analysis to a wide range of public issues and private concerns, thereby demonstrating the wide social relevance of sociological research and theory to understanding contemporary social issues.

1.2 Institutional Subscriptions to Sociological Research Online cost £205 (+ VAT where applicable) per annum and can be obtained through subscription agents such as Ebsco and LM. Access for individuals is free through Internet Service Providers.

1.3 Sociological Research Online publishes high quality fully refereed articles which have gone through the processes of peer review and, where appropriate, such revision as is recommended by the Editors. It will be indexed and abstracted in the usual print journals and bibliographical searching tools, as well as in those specific to electronic media. Issues of the journal will be permanently archived and available to researchers in that form.

1.4 Articles submitted to Sociological Research Online will be reviewed by members of its Editorial Board and other international sociologists selected by the editors, who act in an advisory capacity to the Editor/s. Whole articles are reviewed, not abstracts or summaries.

1.5 The Editors, Editorial Board and Management Board of Sociological Research Online express their commitment, in line with British Sociological Association policy, to encouraging the widest possible involvement in the journal in all aspects of its work and publication.

1.6 Sociological Research Online Editorial Board membership and those consulted additionally as referees endeavour to reflect the range and interests in the discipline and in so far as possible to have a gender balance. Where deemed necessary by the Editors, additional members may be coopted.

1.7 Articles for review will be anonymised wherever possible. The comments provided to authors by Editorial Board members and by the Editors will be constructive and helpful and designed to aid authors in producing articles of a publishable standard. Such comments will not be published by the Editors or Board Members, but should be used by the author in revising their article.

1.8 Intending authors should note that the policy of Sociological Research Online is that there is an at least four issue gap in articles published by the same author or joint authors. Where the author of an article published in the journal submits an article jointly with someone who has not published in SOCIOLOGICAL RESEARCH ONLINE in the previous four issues, there will be a gap of at least two issues; thereafter, the four issue rule comes into effect. An exception to this is within Special Sections, where articles by the same author or co-author may appear.

1.9 The journal's website is located at: <http://www.socresonline.org.uk/home.html>.

2. Preparing Articles for Submission to Sociological Research Online

2.1 Articles submitted should conform to Sociological Research Online house style. Please see detailed Notes for Contributors.

2.2 The format of issues of the journal will be an evolving one which will change over time given the nature of submissions and the throughput of quality articles. However, broadly speaking 'an issue' will consist of (i) full-length articles, (ii) shorter debates or special sections, and (iii) book reviews.

2.3 Submissions to Sociological Research Online can be of two main kinds: (a) full length articles, normally of 5,000 to 8,000 words in length, plus attachments, on any topic which falls within framework of material that the journal publishes; and (b) shorter articles (up to 3,000 words plus attachments) in the form of contributions to the 'debates' section of the journal. Articles which appear in both these sections of the journal will be fully refereed.

2.4 Sociological Research Online will also publish book and software reviews commissioned by the Reviews Editors, as well as Review Articles. Details of both are provided in Section 3 below.

2.5 The Editors expect authors wishing to submit articles for consideration for publication to abide by the British Sociological Association Guidelines on Language Use with regard to issues concerning gender, 'race' and disability. These Guidelines on Language Use will be provided elsewhere on the Sociological Research Online pages.

2.6 Sociological Research Online encourages authors to make full use of the electronic media the journal publishes in, where possible attaching to articles, via hyperlinks, written field notes and numerical datasets, oral data and other oral material, and visual materials including video data. Detailed advice can be obtained by completing the form below, while basic information will be found in the Notes for Contributors.

2.7 Authors should note that Sociological Research Online does not publish non-refereed articles, including in the form of 'preprints'.

2.8 Full information on matters concerned with layout and the preparation of articles will be found in the Notes for Contributors, which authors should consult before submitting articles to SOCIOLOGICAL RESEARCH ONLINE.

3. Book and Software Reviews and Review Articles

3.1 Review articles of up to 5,000 words in length on suitable areas of sociological inquiry will be commissioned from time to time by the Editors in consultation with the Reviews Editors; they are, however, subject to the same processes of anonymised peer review as all other articles.

3.2 Book and software reviews are the responsibility of the Reviews Editors; they are commissioned and edited but are not subject to a full review process.

3.3 While unsolicited reviews will not be accepted, the Reviews Editors are interested in hearing from sociologists who would like to become SRO reviewers. If interested, please complete the form below and provide the following information: full name; institutional affiliation and full postal address; a paragraph outlining main areas of sociological competence.

3.4 Reviews will be between 500 and 1,000 words in length and should be written so as to provide readers with an overview of the scope of the contents as well as an evaluation of the argument. The evaluative content of reviews should be constructively expressed; overly dismissive reviews will not be accepted.

3.5 Reviews should be written with the information provided in 2.5 on language use.

3.6 Full information on matters concerned with layout and preparation of reviews will be found in the Notes for Contributors, which reviewers should consult and make use of before submitting their reviews.

4 Copyright and the Interests of the Author

4.1 On acceptance of an article for publication, the author will sign a contract with the journal safeguarding the interests of both parties. More information can be found under the Copyright Notice.

5 Publication Ethics

5.1 Sociological Research Online follows the ethical guidelines laid down by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) in respect of cases of research and publication misconduct, for instance, plagiarism. It abides by its Code of Conduct for Journal Editors.

4.1 On acceptance of an article for publication, the author will sign a contract with the journal safeguarding the interests of both parties. More information can be found under the Copyright Notice.