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Volume 20, Issue 4, published 30 Nov 2015

Refereed General Articles

The Persistence of Class Inequality: The Portuguese Labour Force at the Turn of the Millennium
by Renato Miguel Carmo, Margarida Carvalho and Frederico Cantante

Linking Moralisation and Class Identity: The Role of Ressentiment and Respectability in the Social Reaction to ‘Chavs’
by Elias le Grand

‘Menacing Youth’ and ‘Broken Families’: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Reporting of the 2011 English Riots in the Daily Express Using Moral Panic Theory
by Jasbinder S. Nijjar

Political-Economic Coalition Among Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Cadres in Guangdong, China
by Chau-kiu Cheung and Eileen Yuk-ha Tsang

Re-Thinking the Boundaries of the Focus Group: A Reflexive Analysis on the Use and Legitimacy of Group Methodologies in Qualitative Research
by Martina Angela Caretta and Elena Vacchelli

Digital Media Use: Differences and Inequalities in Relation to Class and Age
by Simeon Yates, John Kirby and Eleanor Lockley

National Identities and the 2014 Independence Referendum in Scotland
by Ross Bond

‘Safe Spaces’: Experiences of Feminist Women-Only Space
by Ruth Lewis, Elizabeth Sharp, Jenni Remnant and Rhiannon Redpath

Refereed Special Section: Gender, Intimacy and Equality,
Guest Edited by Katherine Twamley and Charlotte Faircloth

Introduction to Special Section Gender, Intimacy, Equality: (Un)comfortable Bedfellows?
by Katherine Twamley and Charlotte Faircloth

Desires, Expectations and the Sexual Practices of Married and Cohabiting Heterosexual Women
by Jenny van Hooff

Considerations of Equality in Heterosexual Single Mothers’ Intimacy Narratives
by Charlotte Morris

Negotiating Intimacy, Equality and Sexuality in the Transition to Parenthood
by Charlotte Faircloth

A Changing Landscape of Intimacy: The Case of a Single Mother by Choice
by Linda L. Layne

The Work of Seduction: Intimacy and Subjectivity in the London ‘Seduction Community’
by Rachel O’Neill

Negotiating Intimate and (A)sexual Stories
by Jo Woodiwiss

Refereed Rapid Response Section: Charlie Hebdo and its aftermath

The Ire of Satire Meets the Error of Terror
by Biko Agozino

Book Reviews

Faces of Discrimination in Higher Education in India: Quota Policy, Social Justice and the Dalits (Routledge Research in Educational Equality and Diversity) by Ovichegan, Samson K.
Reviewed by Jon Rainford

Books received