Sociological Research Online

Volume 4, Issue 4

Rapid Response/Sociology Online
Sociology and Prediction

Contributors: Liz Stanley, Alan Aldridge, Howard Becker, Irwin Deutscher, John Jackson, Marilyn Porter, Martha Gimenez, Kenji Kosaka, Barry Wellman, Fred Hendricks

On Economies and Labour Markets

Supriya Singh
Electronic Commerce and the Sociology of Money

Ilpo Koskinen
Plans, Evaluation, and Accountability at the Workplace

Jennifer Platt
Women in the British Sociological Labour Market, 1960-1995

Tracey Warren
Women in Low Status Part-Time Jobs: A Class and Gender Analysis

Politics, Minorities & Power

Dod Forrest
Theorising Empowerment Thought: Illuminating the Relationship between Ideology and Politics in the Contemporary Era

Manussos Marangudakis and William Kelly
Strategic Minorities and the Global Network of Power: Western Thrace and Northern Ireland in Comparative Perspective

Health, Research & Issues of Empowerment

Marion Gibbon
The Health Analysis and Action Cycle an Empowering Approach to Women's Health

Gill Hubbard
The Usefulness of Indepth Life History Interviews for Exploring the Role of Social Structure and Human Agency in Youth Transitions

Katherine Reed
Dealing with difference: Researching health beliefs and behaviours of British Asian mothers

Emma Wincup
Surviving through Substance Use: The Role of Substances in the Lives of Women who Appear before the Courts

Research Resources

T Marcus and D Manicom
Consciousness in Transition: A Case Study of Social Identity Formation in KwaZulu-Natal Study Description and Methodology

Book Reviews

Reviews by Allison Cavanagh, Amanda Coffey, Bonnie H. Erickson, Tom Fleming, Mike Geppert, William Housley, Ian Law, Rachel Lewis, Tony Maltby, Liz Marr, Martin O'Brien, Ray Pahl, David Randall, Jenny Ryan, Judith Stacey, Maria Summerson, Alan Tomlinson, Catherine Walker

Books Received


Volume 4, Issue 4, published 29th February, 2000