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Volume 22, Issue 1, published 28 Feb 2017

Refereed Articles

Why Marry? The Role of Tradition in Women’s Marital Aspirations
by Julia Carter

Researching Migration in a Superdiverse Society: Challenges, Methods, Concerns and Promises
by Lisa Goodson and Aleksandra Grzymala-Kazlowska

The Unknown Victims: Hegemonic Masculinity, Masculinities, and Male Sexual Victimisation
by Aliraza Javaid

Exploring an Absent Presence: Wayfinding as an Embodied Sociocultural Experience
by Paul Symonds, David H.K. Brown and Valeria Lo Iacono

Emotional Reflexivity and the Guiding Principle of Objectivity in an Inter-Disciplinary, Multi-Method, Longitudinal Research Project
by John Stephen McKenzie

Interrogating Trans and Sexual Identities Through the Conceptual Lens of Translocational Positionality
by Michaela Rogers and Anya Ahmed

Making a House in Multiple Occupation a Home: Using Visual Ethnography to Explore Issues of Identity and Well-Being in the Experience of Creating a Home Amongst HMO Tenants
by Caroline Barratt and Gill Green

Measuring Cultural Capital: Taste and Legitimate Culture of Czech Youth
by Ondřej Špaček

On the Role of Values in Social Research: Weber Vindicated?
by Martyn Hammersley

Refereed Special Section: Class and Christianity

Introduction: Class and Christianity
by Sarah-Jane Page, Mathew Guest and Yvette Taylor

'I Want There to Be No Glass Ceiling:€' Evangelicals’ Engagements with Class, Education, and Urban Childhoods
by Anna Strhan

Religion and Social Class: Theory and Method After Bourdieu
by Andrew McKinnon

Mediating ‘Aspirant’ Religious-Sexual Futures: In God’s Hands?
by Yvette Taylor

Anglican Clergy Husbands Securing Middle-Class Gendered Privilege Through Religion
by Sarah-Jane Page

Students’ Constructions of a Christian Future: Faith, Class and Aspiration in University Contexts
by Mathew Guest and Kristin Aune

‘The Person God Made Me to Be’: Navigating Working-Class and Christian Identities in English Evangelical Christianity
by Joanne McKenzie

Book Reviews

Disability and Social Movements (Interdisciplinary Disability Studies) by Carling-Jenkins, Rachel
Reviewed by Joanne Heeney

Family Rhythms: The Changing Textures of Family Life in Ireland by Ralph, David, Gray, Jane and Geraghty, Ruth
Reviewed by Amy Andrada

Balanced Ethics Review: A Guide for Institutional Review Board Members by Whitney, Simon. N.

Reviewed by Pramod Regmi & Edwin van Teijlingen /

Books received