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Volume 21, Issue 3, published 31 Aug 2016

Refereed Articles

An Autoethnography of Fat and Weight Loss: Becoming the Bw0 with Deleuze and Guattari
by Valerie M Sheach Leith

From Playing to Programming: The Effect of Video Game Play on Confidence with Computers and an Interest in Computer Science
by Rebecca Sevin and Whitney DeCamp

The Global Omnivore: Identifying Musical Taste Groups in Austria, England, Israel and Serbia
by Adrian Leguina, Paul Widdop and Gindo Tampubolon

Cultural Participation, Personality and Educational Inequalities
by Till Kaiser and Christian Schneickert

Doing Audio-Visual Montage to Explore Time and Space: The Everyday Rhythms of Billingsgate Fish Market
by Dawn Lyon

Constructing Masculinities in the National Rugby League’s Footy Show
by Ashnil Murray, Adam White, Ryan Scoats and Eric Anderson

Post-Human Families? Dog-Human Relations in the Domestic Sphere
by Nickie Charles


Is Banning Significance Testing the Best Way to Improve Applied Social Science Research? – Questions on Gorard (2016)
by Thees F Spreckelsen and Mariska van der Horst

Refereed Rapid Response: Gentrification

Hipsters on Our High Streets: Consuming the Gentrification Frontier
by Phil Hubbard

Holiday Rentals: The New Gentrification Battlefront
by Agustín Cócola Gant

Contesting and Resisting Environmental Gentrification: Responses to New Paradoxes and Challenges for Urban Environmental Justice
by Hamil Pearsall and Isabelle Anguelovski

Sanitising the City: Exploring Hegemonic Gentrification in London’s Soho
by Erin Sanders-McDonagh, Magali Peyrefitte and Matt Ryalls

It’s the State, Stupid: 21st Gentrification and State-Led Evictions
by Kirsteen Paton and Vickie Cooper

Fighting Gentrification in the Neoliberal University: Displacing Communities, Researchers and the Very Possibility of Radical Critique
by Mara Ferreri and Luna Glucksberg

Resisting ‘Austerity Gentrification’ and Displacement in Southern Europe
by Sandra Annunziata and Loretta Lees

€Let Us Devastate the Avenues Where the Wealthy Live’: Resisting Gentrification in the 21st Century City
by Eleanor Wilkinson

Book Reviews

Migrant Marginality: A Transnational Perspective (Routledge Advances in Sociology) by Kretsedemas, Philip, Capetillo-Ponce, Jorge and Jacobs, Glenn (eds.)
Reviewed by Linda Asquith

Contemporary Sociological Thinkers and Theories by Segre, Sandro
Reviewed by Yves Laberge

Digital Methods for Social Science: An Interdisciplinary Guide to Research Innovation by Snee, Helene, Hine, Christine and Morey, Yvette (eds.)
Reviewed by Ibrahima Amadou Dia

Narcissism and its Discontents (Studies in the Psychosocial) by Walsh, Julie
Reviewed by Carl Denig

Books received