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Volume 20, Issue 2, published 31 May 2015

Refereed Articles

Connectivity in Later Life: The Declining Age Divide in Mobile Cell Phone Ownership
by Chris Gilleard, Ian Jones and Paul Higgs

Mothering and ‘insider’ Dilemmas: Feminist Sociologists in the Research Process
by Linda Cooper and Chrissie Rogers

Talking the Talk and Fitting In: Troubling the Practices of Speaking €'What You Are Worth' in Higher Education in the UK
by Michelle Addison and Victoria, G. Mountford

Measuring Paternal Involvement in Childcare and Housework
by Helen Norman and Mark Elliot

Resonance as a Social Phenomenon
by Vincent Miller

The EU’s Racial Equality Directive and the Evolution of Discourse in the Field of the Fight Against Discrimination. a Comparison Between France, the UK and Spain
by Philippe Hamman and Cécile Frank

The Right to Asylum and EU Asylum Procedure in Greece
by Gabriella Lazaridis and Mariangela Veikou

Exploring Gender in Portuguese Bedrooms: Men’s and Women’s Narratives of Their Sexuality Through a Mixed Methods Approach
by Violeta Alarcão, Ana Virgolino, Luis Roxo, Fernando L. Machado and Alain Giami

Inside the Research-Assemblage: New Materialism and the Micropolitics of Social Inquiry
by Nick J. Fox and Pam Alldred

Refereed Special Section: The Political Sociologies of Sport
Guest Edited by Paul Gilchrist, Russell Holden and Peter Millward

Special Section Introduction: The Political Sociologies of Sport
by Paul Gilchrist, Russell Holden and Peter Millward

‘It’s Just Such a Class Thing’: Rivalry and Class Distinction Between Female Fans of Men’s Football and Rugby Union
by Stacey Pope

Driven to Distraction: Turkish Diaspora Football Supporters, New Media and the Politics of Place-Making
by John McManus

An '€anti-Sectarian' Act? Examining the Importance of National Identity to the '€Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act'
by Anthony May

Dislocation and Uncertainty in East Manchester: The Legacy of the Commonwealth Games
by Camilla Lewis

Physical Cultures of Stigmatisation: Health Policy & Social Class
by Emma Rich, Laura De Pian and Jessica Francombe-Webb

Book Reviews

Cut It Out: The C-Section Epidemic in America by Morris, Theresa
Reviewed by Anna Neller

Ecofeminism and Systems Thinking (Routledge Research in Gender and Society) by Stephens, Anne
Reviewed by Buyana Kareem

Revolting Subjects: Social Abjection and Resistance in Neoliberal Britain by Tyler, Imogen
Reviewed by Lisa Wood

Books received