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Anna-Maija Castrén and Kaisa Ketokivi

Anna-Maija Castrén

Anna-Maija Castrén (PhD, Adjunct Professor in Sociology) is University Lecturer in sociology at the University of Eastern Finland and Research Fellow at the University of Helsinki. Her research interests include figurational sociology, personal relationships, social network analysis and comparative research. She has focused on the fields of family and kinship and is currently involved in a study of young couples in the formative phase of a family. She has published on the formation of social networks during life-history, on the use qualitative network analysis in comparative analysis, work-life balance, post-divorce family configurations, and together with Florence Maillochon on weddings.

University of Eastern Finland
Department of Social Sciences
P.O.Box 1627

Email: anna-maija.castren@uef.fi
Web: http://http://blogs.helsinki.fi/acastren/

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Kaisa Ketokivi

Kaisa Ketokivi (PhD) is Postdoctoral Researcher in sociology at the University of Helsinki and a Fellow at the Institute for Public Knowledge, New York University. She completed her PhD in Sociology in 2010 at the University of Helsinki. In her dissertation, she analysed the formations of the self and of social bonds in the context of personal relationships, combining multi-method qualitative understanding and theoretical analysis. In her current research, she focuses on relatedness, social theory, personal and local relationships, belonging and qualitative analysis. She is a founding member and organizer of a NYU-based working group entitled Belonging Today.

Department of Social Research
P.O.Box 18
University of Helsinki

Email: kaisa.ketokivi@helsinki.fi
Web: http://blogs.helsinki.fi/kkuurne/