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Volume 19, Issue 4, published December 2014

Refereed Articles

Neoliberal Nomads: Housing Insecurity and the Revival of Private Renting in the UK
by John Bone

The Complex Employment Experiences of Polish Migrants in the UK Labour Market
by Julie Knight

'Most Challenging? To Fit in with People While Remaining Myself.' Social Integration of Second Generation Turks Within the Dutch Higher Education Setting
by Adél Pásztor

The Reframing of Methodology: Revisiting a PhD Study
by Sarah Dubberley

Music, Knowledge and the Sociology of Sound
by Martyn Hudson

How and when Do Educational Aspirations, Expectations and Achievement Align?
by Nabil Khattab

How Benefits Recipients Perceive Themselves Through the Lens of the Mass Media - Some Observations from Germany
by Anna Fohrbeck, Andreas Hirseland and Philipp Ramos Lobato

The Hindu Rights Action Force and the Definition of the €Indian Community’ in Malaysia
by Flavia Cangià

The Ebb and Flow of Resistance: Analysis of the Squatters' Movement and Squatted Social Centres in Brighton
by E.T.C. Dee

Refereed Special Section: Research Ethics and Moral Dilemmas of Social Research in Post-Socialist Europe and Beyond

Special Section Introduction: Research Ethics and Moral Dilemmas of Social Research in Post-Socialist Europe and Beyond
by Ulrike Ziemer and Anton Popov

Culture, Power and Social Disparity: Researching Russia’s Upper Class
by Elisabeth Schimpfossl

Reflections on Positionality from a Russian Woman Interviewing Russian-Speaking Women in London
by Darya Malyutina

On Being a Punk and a Scholar: A Reflexive Account of Researching a Punk Scene in Russia
by Ivan Gololobov

Trust, Access and Sensitive Boundaries Between €Public’ and €Private’: A Returning Insider’s Experience of Research in Bulgaria
by Milena I. Kremakova

The Dereliction Tourist: Ethical Issues of Conducting Research in Areas of Industrial Ruination
by Alice Mah

Ethics and Emotions: A Migrant Researcher Doing Research Among Romanian Migrants
by Oana Romocea

Book Reviews

Protest Camps by Feigenbaum, Anna, Frenzel, Fabian and McCurdy, Patrick
Reviewed by Sara Deffendoll

The Tories: From Winston Churchill to David Cameron by Heppell, Timothy
Reviewed by Antje Bednarek

Essentials of Thinking Ethically in Qualitative Research (Qualitative Essentials) by Hoonaard, Professor Will C Van Den and Hoonaard, Deborah K Van Den
Reviewed by Linda Asquith

The Mountain of Silence: A Search for Orthodox Spirituality by Markides, Kyriacos C.
Reviewed by Alp Arat

Books received