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Madeleine Castro, Roger Burrows and Robin Wooffitt

Madeleine Castro

Madeleine Castro is a Senior Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Psychology at Leeds Metropolitan University. Her research interests include the sociology and psychology of paranormal or extraordinary experiences; contemporary spiritualities; and methodology. Her most recent work has focused upon the concept of transcendent experiences (outside of a religious context) as catalysts for personal transformation in contemporary society. She also co-directs a network for researchers interested in subjects such as the paranormal (often found on the periphery of social science) called Exploring the Extraordinary. The network is a supportive forum and hosts an annual conference every September.

School of Social Psychological and Communication Sciences
Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
Leeds Metropolitan University
Calverly Building, Rm CL914, Portland Wa,y Leeds, LS1 3HE
United Kingdom

Email: m.a.castro@leedsmet.ac.uk
Web: http://www.leedsmet.ac.uk/research/madeleine-castro.htm

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Roger Burrows

Roger Burrows joined Goldsmiths in 2012 from the Department of Sociology at the University of York. Prior to York he had worked at the University of Teesside, the University of Surrey, LSE and, what is now, the University of East London. His background is in sociology, social policy and urban studies. He is a methodological pluralist but has made extensive use of quantitative methods in his work. He was the coordinator of the ESRC e-Society Research programme between 2005 and 2008.

United Kingdom

Email: r.burrows@gold.ac.uk
Web: http://www.gold.ac.uk/sociology/staff/burrows/

Robin Wooffitt

Robin Wooffitt is Professor of Sociology at the University of York. His research interests include language and interaction, and sociological perspectives on anomalous experiences. He is the author of Looking in and speaking out: introspection, communication, consciousness (2012, with Nicola Holt), Conversation analysis: principles, practices and applications (1998, with Ian Hutchby), The language of mediums and psychics: the social organisation of everyday miracles (2006), Telling tales of the unexpected: the organisation of factual discourse (1992) and The language of youth subcultures: social identity in action (1995, with Sue Widdicombe).

Department of Sociology
University of York
Wentworth College, Heslington
York, YO10 5DD
United Kingdom

Email: robin.wooffitt@york.ac.uk
Web: http://www.york.ac.uk/sociology/our-staff/academic/robin-wooffitt/