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Elisa Bellotti

Elisa Bellotti

Elisa Bellotti is lecturer in Sociology at University of Manchester, and member of the Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis. Before arriving in Manchester in 2008, she worked as research fellow at University of Turin and University of Bozen, Italy. She completed her Ph.D in Sociology and Methodology of Social Research in 2006 at Catholic University of Milan. Her research interests mainly focus on relational sociology and its link with other mainstream sociological theories; and on social network analysis and mixed methods. She has taken this approach in several sociological substantive areas, such as the study of intimacy and personal relationships, sociology of science, and sociology of consumption. She has recently published (with colleagues of the Mitchell Centre) Social Network Analysis for egonets, 2015, Sage, London, and Qualitative Networks: mixed methods in sociological research, 2015, Routledge, London.

Arthur Lewis Building, Bridgeford Street
M13 9PL
United Kingdom

Email: elisa.bellotti@manchester.ac.uk
Web: http://http://staffprofiles.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/Profile.aspx?Id=Elisa.Bellotti

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