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Martina Angela Caretta and Elena Vacchelli

Martina Angela Caretta

Martina Angela Caretta is a doctoral student at the Department of Human Geography at the University of Stockholm. Her doctoral dissertation investigates gender contracts in small holder irrigation farming systems in Kenya and Tanzania. Her work has been published in Gender, Place and Culture, in Climate & Development and in Qualitative Research. She teaches research methodology, feminist epistemology, post development theory and critical urban theory in BA and MA courses. She holds a MSc in Sustainability Science from Lund University, Sweden and a BA in Development Studies from the University of Padova, Italy.

Svante Arrhenius vag 8

Email: martina@humangeo.su.se
Web: http://www.su.se/profiles/mcare-1.188528

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Elena Vacchelli

Dr Elena Vacchelli is Senior Research Fellow in Gender and Migration at the SPRC (Social Policy Research Centre) and her work focuses on gender and sexuality, migration and urban studies. She has extensive experience in conducting and coordinating local, national and European research in areas such as migration policies with a particular focus on gender equality. Substantial knowledge of migration and diversity in the UK and Europe was acquired from years of research and management of projects in this field. Elena is also an expert in qualitative research methods and her experience includes working with vulnerable and marginalized groups. Her work is published in international peer review outlets such as Gender, Place and Culture, Hagar, International Migration and Feminist Review.

The Burroughs London NW4 4BT United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Email: e.vacchelli@mdx.ac.uk