Sociological Research Online

Volume 8, Issue 4

Refereed Articles

Rapid Response: The Gulf War and its Aftermath

Alison Anderson
Communication, Conflict and Risk in the 21st Century: Critical Issues for Sociology

Rapid Response: Sexuality and the Church

John Brewer
Sexuality in the Church: Toward a Sociology of the Bible

Alasdair Crockett and David Voas
A Divergence of Views: Attitude Change and the Religious Crisis over Homosexuality

Stephen Hicks
The Christian Right and Homophobic Discourse: a Response to 'Evidence' that Lesbian and Gay Parenting Damages Children

Stephen Hunt
Saints and Sinners: The Role of Conservative Christian Pressure Groups in the Christian Gay Debate in the UK

General Articles

Melanie Bryant
Persistence and Silence: A Narrative Analysis of Employee Responses to Organisational Change

Debate: Response to Stanley and Wise

Gayle Letherby
Reflections on where we are and where we want to be: Response to 'Looking Back and Looking Forward: Some Recent Feminist Sociology Reviewed'

Sara Delamont
Titans, Silverbacks and Dinosaurs

Special Issue: Rethinking Adulthood: Families, Transitions and Social Change

Papers from the British Sociological Association annual conference, Leicester 2002

Guest Editors: John Williams, Jane Pilcher and Christopher Pole

Sue Innes and Gill Scott
'After I've Done the Mum Things' Women, Care and Transitions

Esther Dermott
The 'Intimate Father': Defining Paternal Involvement

Judith Burnett
Let Me Entertain You: Researching the 'Thirtysomething' Generation

Gaynor Bagnall, Brian Longhurst and Mike Savage
Children, Belonging and Social Capital: The PTA and Middle Class Narratives of Social Involvement in the North-West of England

Yaojun Li, Mike Savage and Andrew Pickles
Social Change, Friendship and Civic Participation

Brian Heaphy and Andrew K.T Yip
Uneven Possibilities: Understanding Non-Heterosexual Ageing and the Implications of Social Change

Sharon Wray
Connecting Ethnicity, Agency and Ageing

Thomas Scharf, Chris Phillipson and Allison Smith
Older People's Perceptions of the Neighbourhood: Evidence from Socially Deprived Urban Areas

Chris Phillipson
Globalisation and the Future of Ageing: Developing a Critical Gerontology

Book Reviews

Reviews by Paula Cerni, Elena Maslova, Philip Sutton, Klas Borell, Sue Grundy, Matthew David, Yves Laberge, Ann Vogel, Wing Hong Chui.

Books Received


Volume 8, Issue 4, published 28th November, 2003