Sociological Research Online

Volume 8, Issue 4

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Book Reviews

Benner, Chris: Work in the New Economy: Flexible Labor Markets in Silicon Valley
Reviewed by Paula Cerni

Dunn, Jennifer L. : Courting Disaster: Intimate Stalking, Culture, and Criminal Justice
Reviewed by Elena Maslova

Goodwin, Jeff and James M. Jasper: The Social Movements Reader: Cases and Concepts
Reviewed by Philip Sutton

Jamieson, Anne and Christina R. Victor: Researching Ageing and Later Life
Reviewed by Klas Borell

McCarthy, Jane Ribbens; Rosalind Edwards and Val Gillies: Making Families: Moral Tales of Parenting and Step-parenting
Reviewed by Sue Grundy

Miller, Robert L and John D. Brewer: The A-Z of Social Research
Reviewed by Matthew David

Strydom, Piet: Risk,Environment and Society Ongoing Debates,Current Issues and Future Prospects
Reviewed by Yves Laberge

Trigilia, Carlo: Economic Sociology: State, Market and Society in Modern Capitalism
Reviewed by Ann Vogel

Walklate, Sandra: Understanding Criminology Current Theoretical Debates
Reviewed by Wing Hong Chui


Volume 8, Issue 4, published 28th November, 2003