Books received between 31/08/2003 and 28/11/2003

Bengtson, Vern L. and Ariela Lowenstein (Editors)
Global Aging and Challenges to Families
Aldine de Gruyter: New York, (2003), 0202306879 (pb), xiii + 387 pp.

Blomberg, Thomas G. and Stanley Cohen (Editors)
Punishment and Social Control: Enlarged Second Edition
Aldine de Gruyter: New York, (2003), 0202307018 (pb), x + 516 pp.

Chambliss, Daniel F and Russell K. Schutt
Making Sense of the Social World: Methods of Investigation
Sage Publications: London, (2003), 0761987878 (pb), xxii + 346 pp.

Cramer, Duncan
Advanced Quantitative Data Analysis
Open University Press: Buckingham, (2003), 0335200591 (pb), xi + 254 pp.

Denzin, Norman K.
Interpretive Interactionism - 2nd Edition
Sage Publications: London, (2002), 0761915141 (pb), xiv + 187 pp.

Farrar, Max
The Struggle for 'Community' in a British Multi-Ethnic Inner-City Area: Paradise in the Making
The Edwin Mellen Press, (2003), 0773470425 (pb), xvii + 421 pp.

Garrett, Paul Michael
Remaking Social Work with Children and Families: A Critical discussion on the 'modernisation' of social care
Vanderbilt University Press: Nashville, (2003), 0415298393 (pb), xiii + 193 pp.

Gunaratnam, Yasmin
Researching 'Race' and Ethnicity: Methods, Knowledge and Power
Sage Publications: London, (2003), 0761972870 (pb), ix + 218 pp.

McCarthy, Jane Ribbens; Rosalind Edwards and Val Gillies
Making Families: Moral Tales of Parenting and Step-parenting
Sociology Press: Durham, (2002), 190345705X (pb), iv + 167 pp.

Mirowsky, John and Catherine E.Ross
Education, Social Status and Health
Aldine de Gruyter: New York, (2003), 0202307077 (pb), vii + 242 pp.

Osborne, Richard
Megawords: 200 terms you really need to know
Sage Publications: London, (2003), 0761974741 (pb), vi + 258 pp.

Seidman, Steven
Contested Knowledge: Social Theory Today - Third Edition
Blackwell Publishers: Oxford, (2003), 0631226710 (pb), ix + 285 pp.

12 Books received between 31/08/2003 and 28/11/2003