Sociological Research Online

Volume 7, Issue 3 (Special Issue)


Paula Black, Nick Crossley, Colette Fagan, Mike Savage and Laura Turney
Globalisation and Social Change: Editorial Introduction

Globalisation and Social Change

Larry Ray
Crossing Borders? Sociology, Globalization and Immobility

Graham Crow
Community Studies: Fifty Years of Theorization

Contours of Social Capital

Talja Blokland
Neighbourhood Social Capital: Does an Urban Gentry Help? Some Stories of Defining Shared Interests, Collective Action and Mutual Support

Tim Butler
Thinking Global but Acting Local: the Middle Classes in the City

Yaojun Li, Mike Savage, Gindo Tampubolon, Alan Warde and Mark Tomlinson
Dynamics Of Social Capital: Trends And Turnover In Associational Membership In England And Wales, 1972-1999

Muriel Egerton
Family Transmission of Social Capital: Differences by Social Class, Education and Public Sector Employment

Dynamics of Social Exclusion

Andrew Sayer
What Are You Worth?: Why Class is an Embarrassing Subject

Angela Dale
Social Exclusion of Pakistani and Bangladeshi Women

Deidre Wicks, Gita Mishra and Lisa Milne
Young Women, Work and Inequality: Is It What They Want or What They Get? An Australian Contribution to Research on Women and Workforce Participation


Volume 7, Issue 3, published 22nd October, 2002