Sociological Research Online

Volume 6, Issue 4


Phil Mole
Tribute to Derek Wynne

Refereed Articles

Rapid Response/The Events of September 11th

Steve Fuller
Will Sociology find some New Concepts before the US finds Osama bin Laden?

Joyce Canaan
Teaching Social Theory in Trying Times

General Articles

Michael Anderson, Frank Bechhofer, Lynn Jamieson, David McCrone, Yaojun Li and Robert Stewart
Confidence amid Uncertainty: Ambitions and Plans in a Sample of Young Adults

Geoff Payne and Judy Roberts
Opening and Closing the Gates: Recent Developments in Male Social Mobility in Britain

Christian Karner
'Austro-Pop' since the 1980s: Two Case Studies of Cultural Critique and Counter-hegemonic Resistance

Gil-Soo Han
The Myth of Medical Pluralism: A Critical Realist Perspective

Gayle Letherby
'Claims and Disclaimers: Knowledge, Reflexivity and Representation in Feminist Research'

Book Reviews

Reviews by Adam Reed, Alan Warde, Colin Clark, Neil Washbourne, Neil Washbourne, Talmadge Wright, Tim Dant

Books Received


Volume 6, Issue 4, published 28th February, 2002