Sociological Research Online

Volume 6, Issue 4

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Book Reviews

Best, Joel (Editor): How Claims Spread: Cross-National Diffusion of Social Problems
Reviewed by Talmadge Wright

Darian-Smith, Eve: Bridging Divides; The Channel Tunnel and English Legal Identity in Europe
Reviewed by Adam Reed

Delanty, Gerard (Series Editor: Tim May): Citizenship in a Global Age: Society, Culture, Politics and Levitt, Peggy: The Transnational Villagers
Reviewed by Neil Washbourne

Hetherington, Kevin: New Age Travellers: Vanloads of Uproarious Humanity
Reviewed by Colin Clark

Kwint, Marius; Christopher, Breward ; Aynsley, Jeremy: Material Memories: Design and Evocation
Reviewed by Tim Dant

Scholliers, Peter (Editor): Food, Drink and Identity: Cooking, Eating and Drinking in Europe since the Middle Ages
Reviewed by Alan Warde


Volume 6, Issue 4, published 28th February, 2001