Sociological Research Online

Volume 6, Issue 3

Refereed Articles

Rapid Response/The Events of September 11th

Larry Ray
Introduction to the Rapid Response to September 11th

Steve Fuller
Looking for Sociology after 11 September

Simon Williams
From Smart Bombs to Smart Bugs: Thinking the Unthinkable in Medical Sociology and Beyond

Martin Innes
Control Creep

David Lyon
Surveillance after September 11

Chris Rumford
Confronting 'Uncivil Society' and the 'Dark Side of Globalization': are Sociological Concepts up to the Task?

Benet Davetian
Moral Tensions Between Western and Islamic Cultures: The Need for Additional Sociological Studies of Dissonance in the Wake of September 11

Stephen Vertigans and Philip Sutton
Back to the Future: 'Islamic Terrorism' and Interpretations of Past and Present

General Articles

Meryl Aldridge
The Paradigm Contingent Career? Women in Regional Newspaper Journalism

Edmund Chattoe and Nigel Gilbert
Understanding Consumption: What Interviews with Retired Households Can Reveal About Budgetary Decisions

Graeme Chesters and David Smith
The Neglected Art of Hitch-hiking: Risk, Trust and Sustainability

Gillian A. Dunne
The Lady Vanishes? Reflections on the Experiences of Married and Divorced Non-Heterosexual Fathers

Marianna Papastephanou
Modernization, Rationalization, and Education: Responding to the Other

Carol Stephenson and Paul Stewart
The Whispering Shadow: Collectivism and Individualism at Ikeda-Hoover and Nissan UK

Ian Welsh
Anti-nuclear Movements: Failed Projects or Heralds of a Direct Action Milieu?

Book Reviews

Reviews by Dave Randall, Edmund Chattoe, Martin Innes, Mike Hepworth, Talmadge Wright, Thomas Hylland Eriksen, William Merrin

Books Received


Volume 6, Issue 3, published 30th November, 2001