Sociological Research Online

Volume 6, Issue 3

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Book Reviews

Abbott, Andrew: Time Matters: On Theory and Method
Reviewed by Edmund Chattoe

Gottdiener, Mark: Life in the Air: Surviving the New Culture of Air Travel
Reviewed by Thomas Hylland Eriksen

Grace, Victoria: Baudrillard's Challenge: A Feminist Reading
Reviewed by William Merrin

Hallam, Elizabeth; Hockey, Jenny; Howarth, Glennys: Beyond the Body: Death and Social Identity
Reviewed by Mike Hepworth

Maines, David R.: The Faultlines of Consciousness: A View of Interactionalism in Sociology
Reviewed by Martin Innes

Sernau, Scott: World's Apart: Social Inequalities in a New Century
Reviewed by Talmadge Wright

Turner, Bryan S: Classical Sociology
Reviewed by Dave Randall


Volume 6, Issue 3, published 30th November, 2001