Sociological Research Online

Volume 5, Issue 4

Refereed Articles

Erik Bihagen
The Plausibility of Class Cultural Explanations: An Analysis of Social Homogeneity using Swedish Data from the Late 1990s

Gabriella Lazaridis and Maria Koumandraki
Youth Citizenship and Unemployment: The Case of Passive and Active Labour Market Policies towards the Young Unemployed in Greece

Ronit Lentin
Responding to the Racialisation of Irishness: Disavowed Multiculturalism and its Discontents

Deborah Lupton and John Tulloch
Border Crossings: Narratives of Movement, 'Home' and Risk

Robert MacDonald, Paul Mason, Tracy Shildrick, Colin Webster, Les Johnston and Louise Ridley
Snakes & Ladders: In Defence of Studies of Youth Transition

Henrietta O'Connor and Clare Madge
Cyber-Mothers: Online Synchronous Interviewing using Conferencing Software

Diane Reay, Miriam David and Stephen Ball
Making a Difference?: Institutional Habituses and Higher Education Choice

John Roberts
Dialogue, Positionality and the Legal Framing of Ethnographic Research

Book Reviews

Reviews by Andrew McKinnon, Catherine Walker, David Timothy Duval, Edmund Chattoe, Elery Hamilton-Smith, Janet Vaux, Martin Innes, Martyn Hammersley, Ray Lee, Rosemary DuPlessis, Sarah Pink, Sue Grundy, Tom Daly

Books Received


Volume 5, Issue 4, published 28th February, 2001