Sociological Research Online

Volume 3, Issue 3

Refereed Articles

Sara Scott
Here Be Dragons: Researching the Unbelievable, Hearing the Unthinkable. A Feminist Sociologist in Uncharted Territory

Peter Collins
Negotiating Lives: Reflections on 'Unstructured' Interviewing

Bella Dicks and Bruce Mason
Hypermedia and Ethnography: Reflections on the Construction of a Research Approach

Christine A. Barry
Choosing Qualitative Data Analysis Software: Atlas/ti and Nudist Compared

Alison Bowes and Teresa Meehan Domokos
Negotiating Breast-Feeding: Pakistani Women, White Women and their Experiences in Hospital and at Home

Kalwant Bhopal
How Gender and Ethnicity Intersect: The Significance of Education, Employment and Marital Status

Social Transformation

Paul Stubbs
Conflict and Co-Operation in the Virtual Community: eMail and the Wars of the Yugoslav Succession

A Class Call

Gill Callaghan
The Interaction of Gender, Class and Place in Women's Experience: A Discussion Based in Focus Group Research

Book Reviews

Reviews by Sin Yi Cheung, Gerald Daly, Muriel Egerton, John Galilee, Dick Hobbs, Ankie Hoogvelt, Angela Meah, Steve New, Gary Pollock, Momin Rahman and Jo Wathan.

Books Received


Volume 3, Issue 3, published 30th September, 1998