Sociological Research Online

Volume 3, Issue 3

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Book Reviews

Simon Duncan and Rosalind Edwards (editors): Single Mothers in an International Context: Mothers or Workers?
Reviewed by Sin Yi Cheung

James D.Wright, Beth A. Rubin and Joel A. Devine: Beside the Golden Door: Policy, Politics and the Homeless
Reviewed by Gerald Daly

Gillian Bendelow and Simon J. Williams (editors): Emotions in Social Life: Critical Themes and Contemporary Issues
Reviewed by Muriel Egerton

Jim McGuigan: Cultural Methodologies
Reviewed by John Galilee

Lonnie Athens: Violent Criminal Acts and Actors Revisited
Reviewed by Dick Hobbs

Francis Fukuyama: The Social Virtues and the Creation of Prosperity
Reviewed by Ankie Hoogvelt

Janet Holland, Caroline Ramazanoglu, Sue Sharpe and Rachel Thomson: The Male in the Head: Young People, Heterosexuality and Power
Reviewed by Angela Meah

Steve Fuller: Science
Reviewed by Steve New

Tony Spybey (editor): Britain in Europe: An Introduction to Sociology
Reviewed by Gary Pollock

Lawrence R. Schehr: Parts of an Andrology: On Representations of Men's Bodies
Reviewed by Momin Rahman

Chet Ballard, Jon Gubbay and Chris Middleton: The Student's Companion to Sociology
Reviewed by Jo Wathan


Volume 3, Issue 3, published 30th September, 1998