Sociological Research Online

Volume 2, Issue 2

Refereed Articles

Udo Kelle
Theory Building in Qualitative Research and Computer Programs for the Management of Textual Data

Ross Coomber
Using the Internet for Survey Research

Nigel Gilbert
A Simulation of the Structure of Academic Science

David Byrne
Simulation - A Way Forward?

Robert Hanneman and Steven Patrick
On the Uses of Computer-Assisted Simulation Modeling in the Social Sciences

Carey Jewitt
Images of Men: Male Sexuality in Sexual Health Leaflets and Posters for Young People

Heather Elliott
The Use of Diaries in Sociological Research on Health Experience

Marion Martin
Critical Education for Participatory Research

Markku Lonkila
Informal Exchange Relations in Post-Soviet Russia: A Comparative Perspective

Book Reviews

Research Resources

Books Received


Volume 2, Issue 2, published 30th June, 1997