Volume 18, Issue 2, published 31 May 2013

Refereed Articles

Having Your Say: The Social Organisation of Online News Commentary
by Allison Cavanagh and Alex Dennis

The Hidden Dimensions of the Musical Field and the Potential of the New Social Data
by David Beer and Mark Taylor

Coming of (Old) Age in the Digital Age: ICT Usage and Non-Usage Among Older Adults
by Barbara Barbosa Neves, Fausto Amaro and Jaime Fonseca

The Lived Experience of Diagnosis Delivery in Motor Neurone Disease: A Sociological-Phenomenological Study
by Amanda Pavey, Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson and Toby Pavey

Life Story Talk: Some Reflections on Narrative in Qualitative Interviews
by Julia Brannen

Widening Participation Through Alternative Public Schools: A Canadian Example
by Nicole Etherington

To Build a Notion: US State Department Nation Building Expertise and Postwar Settlements in 20th Century East Central Europe
by Liliana Riga and James Kennedy

Young Men, Sexual Ethics and Sexual Negotiation
by Moira Carmody

'Yobs' and 'Snobs': Embodying Drink and the Problematic Male Drinking Body
by Tom Thurnell-Read

The Role of Nationalism in the Olympics: Reflecting on the 2012 London Games
by Lijun Tang

'Bring on the Dancing Horses!': Ambivalence and Class Obsession Within British Media Reports of the Dressage at London 2012
by Thomas Fletcher and Katherine Dashper

Flows of Affect in the Olympic Stadium
by Nick J. Fox

Restricting the Public in Public Space: The London 2012 Olympic Games, Hyper-Securitization and Marginalized Youth
by Jacqueline Kennelly and Paul Watt

Race, Multiculturalism and the 'Progressive' Politics of London 2012: Passing the 'Boyle Test'
by Aaron Winter

A Health and Social Legacy for East London: Narratives of 'Problem' and 'Solution' Around London 2012
by Claire Thompson, Daniel Lewis, Trisha Greenhalgh, Stephanie Taylor and Steven Cummins

Olympic Dreams and Social Realities: a Foucauldian Analysis of Legacy and Mass Participation
by Heather Piper and Dean Garratt

Introduction for Special Section of Sociological Research Online: Modern Girlhoods
by Heather Mendick, Fiona Cullen, Pam Alldred and Simon Bradford

Childhood, Responsibility and the Liberal Loophole: Replaying the Sex-Wars in Debates on Sexualisation?
by Robbie Duschinsky

Passive, Heterosexual and Female: Constructing Appropriate Childhoods in the 'Sexualisation of Childhood' Debate
by Jessica Clark

'The Girl Effect': Exploring Narratives of Gendered Impacts and Opportunities in Neoliberal Development
by Farzana Shain

Girls as the 'New' Agents of Social Change? Exploring the 'Girl Effect' Through Sport, Gender and Development Programs in Uganda
by Lyndsay M.C. Hayhurst

Bodies in a Frame: Black British, Working Class, Teenage Femininity and the Role of the Dance Class
by Camilla Stanger

Challenging Pedagogy: Emotional Disruptions, Young Girls, Parents and Schools
by Rosalyn George and John Clay

Book Reviews

Revisiting the Frankfurt School by Berry, David
Reviewed by Yves Laberge

Writing India: Colonial Ethnography in the Nineteenth Century by Hasan, Mushirul (ed.)
Reviewed by Manish K. Thakur

Everywhere and Nowhere: The State of Contemporary Feminism in the United States by Reger, Jo
Reviewed by Ă“rla Murray

Books received