Volume 12, Issue 6, published 15 Jan 2008

Refereed Articles

Collective Representations, Divided Memory and Patterns of Paradox: Mining and Shipbuilding
by Ian Roberts

The Online Student: Lurking, Chatting, Flaming and Joking
by Kate Orton-Johnson

'Piggy in the Middle': the Liminality of the Contract Researcher in Funded 'Collaborative' Research
by Farida Tilbury

Parental Help-Seeking and the Moral Order. Notes for Policy-Makers and Parenting Practitioners on 'the First Port of Call' and 'No One to Turn To'
by Karen Broadhurst

Patterns of Absolute and Relative Social Mobility: a Comparative Study of England, Wales and Scotland
by Lindsay Paterson and Cristina Iannelli

How Middle-Class Parents Help Their Children Obtain an Advantaged Qualification: a Study of Strategies of Teachers and Managers for Their Children's Education in Hong Kong Before the 1997 Handover
by Yi-Lee Wong

Special Section On Bourdieu guest edited by Michalis Lianos

Bourdieu: Preface
by Michalis Lianos

Cultural Capital, Cultural Knowledge and Ability
by Alice Sullivan

Critical Sociology and Social History
by Eric Hobsbawm

Raisonnements Circulaires : Retour Nostalgique à Lévy-Bruhl
by Mary Douglas

Habitus and Reflexivity: Restructuring Bourdieu's Theory of Practice
by Nicos Mouzelis

Bourdieu and Postcommunist Class Formation
by William Outhwaite

La Distinction Indifférente
by Christian Papilloud

Que Reste-T-Il Des Héritiers Et De La Reproduction (1964-1971) Aujourd'hui? Questions, Méthodes, Concepts Et Réception D'une Sociologie De L'éducation
by Jean-Claude Passeron

Pierre Bourdieu: Episteme, Polity and Critique
by Michalis Lianos

Towards a Theory of Constrained Relativism: Comparing and Combining the Work of Pierre Bourdieu, Mary Douglas and Michael Thompson, and Alan Fiske
by Marco Verweij

Book Reviews

Approaches to Social Enquiry: Advancing Knowledge by Blaikie, Norman
Reviewed by Simon Locke

Social Theory and Applied Health Research (Understanding Social Research S.) by Dyson, Simon and Brian Brown
Reviewed by Maria Desougi

"Stretching" Exercises for Qualitative Researchers by Janesick, Valerie J.
Reviewed by Samantha Holland

Sociology and Health Care: an Introduction for Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals by Sheaff, Mike
Reviewed by Edwin van Teijlingen

Books received