Sociological Research Online

Volume 8, Issue 2

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Book Reviews

Aldridge, Alan and Ken Levine: Surveying the Social World
Reviewed by Stephen Brindle

Allan, Stuart: Media, Risk and Science
Reviewed by Richard Holliman

Alvesson, Mats: Postmodernism and Social Research
Reviewed by David Beer

Chalcraft, David J. and Austin Harrington (Editors): The Protestant Ethic Debate: Max Webers Replies to his Critics, 1907-1910
Cohen, Jere: Protestantism and Capitalism: The Mechanisms of Influence

Joint review by Graham Crow

Gillies, James; Robert Cailliau: How the Web Was Born: The Story of the World Wide Web
Reviewed by Flora Douglas

Shweder, Richard; Minow, Martha and Hazel Rose Markus (Editors): Engaging Cultural Differences: The Multicultural Challenge in Liberal Democracies
Reviewed by Irwin Deutscher


Volume 8, Issue 2, published 31st May, 2003