Sociological Research Online

Volume 8, Issue 2


By Amanda Coffey and Nicola Green

Refereed Articles

Julia Brannen
Towards a Typology of Intergenerational Relations: Continuities and Change in Families

Stephen Conway
Ageing and Imagined Community: Some Cultural Constructions and Reconstructions

Tim Dant and David Bowles
Dealing with Dirt: Servicing and Repairing Cars

William Housley and Richard Fitzgerald
Moral Discrepancy and Political Discourse: Accountability and the Allocation of Blame in a Political News Interview

Gabriella Lazaridis and Maria Koumandraki
Survival Ethnic Entrepreneuers in Greece: A Mosaic of Informal and Formal Business Activities

Book Reviews

Reviews by David Beer, Flora Douglas, Graham Crow, Irwin Deutscher, Richard Holliman, Stephen Brindle

Books Received


Volume 8, Issue 2, published 31st May, 2003