Sociological Research Online

Volume 8, Issue 1


By Graham Crow and Larry Ray

Refereed Articles

Carole Truman
Ethics and the Ruling Relations of Research Production

Malcolm Williams
The Problem of Representation: Realism and Operationalism in Survey Research

Ashwin Kumar
The Use Of Complementary Therapies In Western Sydney

Bum Soo Chon, George Barnett and Young Choi
Clustering Local Tastes in Global Culture: The Reception Structure of Hollywood Films

Cherylynn Bassani
A Look at Changing Parental Ideologies & Behaviors in Japan

Myra Hird
From The Culture of Matter to the Matter of Culture: Feminist Explorations of Nature and Science

Stephen Hicks and Katherine Watson
Desire Lines: 'Queering' Health and Social Welfare

Chris Allen
On the Logic of 'New' Welfare Practice: An Ethnographic Case Study of the 'New Welfare Intermediaries'


Stephen Gorard
Understanding Probabilities and Re-Considering Traditional Research Training

Book Reviews

Reviews by David Phillips, Edwin van Teijlingen, Fiona Harris

Books Received


Volume 8, Issue 1, published 28th February, 2003