Sociological Research Online

Volume 7, Issue 1

Refereed Articles

Rapid Response/'The British Royal Family and its Place in the Contemporary World'

Graham Crow

Janet Finch and David Morgan
Generations and Heritage: Reflections on the Queen Mother's Funeral

Mike Hepworth
Royal Ageing: The Queen Mother and Queen Victoria

Helen Bramley
Diana, Princess of Wales: The Contemporary Goddess

Richard Jenkins
Modern Monarchy: a Comparative View from Denmark

Les Back
God Save the Queen: The Pistols' Jubilee

Alex Law
Jubilee Mugs: The Monarchy and the Sex Pistols

General Articles

Moses Boudourides and Gerasimos Antypas
A Simulation of the Structure of the World-Wide Web

Ross Coomber
Signing your life away?: Why Research Ethics Committees (REC) shouldn't always require written confirmation that participants in research have been informed of the aims of a study and their rights - the case of criminal populations. (Commentary)

Paul Crawshaw and Donald Simpson
Comprehensive Community Initiatives: Addressing a 'Problem' in Local Governance or Creating One?

Heather D'Cruz
Constructing the Identities of 'Responsible Mothers, Invisible Men' in Child Protection Practice

Rosalind Edwards, Margareta B�ck-Wiklund, Maren Bak and Jane Ribben McCarthy
Step-Fathering: Comparing Policy and Everyday Experience in Britain and Sweden

John Ryan, James Hawdon and Allison Branick
The Political Economy of Diversity: Diversity Programs in Fortune 500 Companies

Nick Stevenson
Cosmopolitanism, Multiculturalism and Citizenship

Tim Strangleman
Nostalgia for Nationalisation - the Politics of Privatisation

Steve Taylor
Attacking the Cultural Turn: Misrepresentations of the Service Encounter

Anna Triandafyllidou
Religious Diversity and Multiculturalism in Southern Europe: The Italian Mosque Debate

Stephen Vertigans and Philip Sutton
Concept Development in Sociology: A Comment on Steve Fuller's, 'Will Sociology find some New Concepts before the US finds Osama bin Laden?'

John Walls
The Campaign Against 'Live Exports' in the UK: Animal Protectionism, the Stigmatisation of Place and the Language of Moral Outrage

Book Reviews

Reviews by David Morgan, Ellis Cashmore, Brian Longhurst.

Books Received


Volume 7, Issue 1, published 31st May, 2002