Sociological Research Online

Volume 5, Issue 3

Refereed Articles

Sasha Roseneil
Queer Frameworks and Queer Tendencies: Towards an Understanding of Postmodern Transformations of Sexuality

Clare Lewin and Myron Orleans
The Class Situation of Information Specialists: A Case Analysis

Anne Margrethe Brigham
Land Reform: A Foundation For Industrial Growth In Developing Countries?

Nick Ellison
Proactive and Defensive Engagement: Social Citizenship in a Changing Public Sphere

Jon Gubbay
Shifting Classes: Interactions with Industry and Gender Shifts in the 1980s

Jo Moran-Ellis and Geoff Cooper
Making Connections: Children, Technology, and the National Grid for Learning

Jon Mulberg
Cash for Answers: The Association between School Performance and Local Government Finance

Pat O'Connor
Changing Places: Privilege and Resistance in Contemporary Ireland

Linda Perriton
Incestuous Fields: Management Research, Emotion and Data Analysis

Book Reviews

Reviews by Breda Gray, Breda Gray, Gary Pollock, Mark Sherry, Mike Savage

Books Received


Volume 5, Issue 3, published 31st November, 2000