Sociological Research Online

Volume 5, Issue 2

Refereed Articles

Rapid Response/Sociology Online
Land Reform in Southern Africa

Charles Geisler and Essy Letsoalo
Rethinking Land Reform in South Africa: An Alternative Approach to Environmental Justice

Susie Jacobs
Zimbabwe: Why Land Reform is a Gender Issue

Michael Barry and David Mayson
Informal Settlement Characteristics in a Rural Land Restitution Case: Elandskloof, South Africa

Michael Lyne, Paul Zille and Douglas Graham
Financing the Market-Based Redistribution of Land to Disadvantaged Farmers and Farm Workers in South Africa: Recent Performance of the Land Reform Credit Facility

Charles Crothers
The Effect of Community Context in The South African Land Reform Programme

Steve Fenton, John Carter and Tariq Modood
Ethnicity and Academia: Closure Models, Racism Models and Market Models

Jeni Harden, Sue Scott, Kathryn Backett-Milburn and Stevi Jackson
Can't Talk, Won't Talk?: Methodological Issues in Researching Children

Richard Kiely, David McCrone, Frank Bechhofer and Robert Stewart
Debatable Land: National and Local Identity in a Border Town

Helen Busby
Writing about Health and Sickness: An Analysis of Contemporary Autobiographical Writing from the British Mass-Observation Archive

Nicholas Pleace, Roger Burrows, Brian Loader, Steven Muncer and Sarah Nettleton
On-Line with the Friends of Bill W: Social Support and the Net.

Lee Monaghan, Michael Bloor, Russell P Dobash and Rebecca E Dobash
Drug-Taking, 'Risk Boundaries' and Social Identity: Bodybuilders' Talk about Ephedrine and Nubain

Sevaste Chatzifotiou
Conducting Qualitative Research on Wife Abuse: Dealing with the Issue of Anxiety.

Book Reviews

Reviews by Martina Boese, Alexander Boskovik, Kate Davidson, Allison James, Paul Kennedy, Ian McDonald, Justin O'Connor, Sandra Walklate, Alan Warde

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Volume 5, Issue 2, published 31st August, 2000