Sociological Research Online

Volume 5, Issue 1

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Philip Abrams Prize Books

Prize Winner

Reith, Gerda: The Age of Chance: Gambling in Western Culture
Reviewed by Heather Worth


Priestley, Mark: Disability Politics and Community Care
Reviewed by Bob Sapey

Book Reviews

Afshar, Haleh: Islam and Feminisms: An Iranian Case-Study
Reviewed by Pnina Werbner

Clarke, Alan: Evaluation Research: An Introduction to Principles, Methods and Practice
Shaw, Ian: Qualitative Evaluation
Shaw, Ian; Lishman, Joyce: Evaluation and Social Work Practice
Reviewed by Dianne Phillips

Dant, Tim: Material Culture in the Social World
Reviewed by Kevin Hetherington

Jacobson, Nora: Cleavage: Technology, Controversy and the Ironies of the Man-made Breast
Reviewed by Kathy Davis

Jenkins, Richard (editor): Questions of Competence: Culture, Classification and Intellectual Disability
Reviewed by Mark Sherry

Layder, D: Sociological Practice: Linking Theory and Social Research
Reviewed by Esther Dermott

Rose, Nikolas: Powers of Freedom:Reframing Political Thought
Reviewed by Daniel Teghe

Russell Bernard, H.: Handbook of Methods in Cultural Anthropology
Reviewed by Gaby Atfield

Shanahan, James; Morgan, Michael: Television and its Viewers, Cultivation Theory and Research
Reviewed by Dave Haans

Slayden, David; Kirk Whillock, Rita : Soundbite Culture: The Death of Discourse in a Wired World
Reviewed by Tim Dant

Taylor, Peter: Modernities: A Geographical Interpretation
Reviewed by Mark Banks

Vannoy, Dana; Dubeck, Paula J.: Challenges for Work and Family in the Twenty-First Century
Reviewed by Ian Procter

Williams, Malcolm: Science and Social Science
Reviewed by Dave Randall


Volume 5, Issue 1, published 31st May, 2000