Sociological Research Online

Volume 5, Issue 1

Rapid Response/Sociology Online
The New Right

Aaron Winter
The 'New' Right: Definition, Identification, Differentiation

Gerard Hanlon
Sacking the New Jerusalem? - The New Right, Social Democracy and Professional Identities

Donna Luff
British 'Moral Right' Women and Feminism

Sue Wise
'New Right' or 'Backlash'? Section 28, Moral Panic and 'Promoting Homosexuality'

Matthew Waites
'Homosexuality and the New Right: The Legacy of the 1980s for New Delineations of Homophobia'

Reinhold Gaertner
Neue Rechte: Ethnocentrism, Culture and Cultural Identity

Wolfgang Weber
Germanness in One Country: Austria, Joerg Haider and Nationalist Legacy


Mike Ball
The Visual Availability and Local Organisation of Public Surveillance Systems: The Promotion of Social Order in Public Spaces

Heather D'Cruz
Social Work Research as Knowledge/Power in Practice

Sarah Goode
Researching a Hard-To-Access and Vulnerable Population: Some Considerations On Researching Drug and Alcohol-Using Mothers

Nicola Richards and Katie Milestone
What Difference does it Make? Women's Pop Cultural Production and Consumption in Manchester

Ian McIntosh and Angus Erskine
'Money for nothing'?: Understanding Giving to Beggars

Sarah Irwin
Reproductive Regimes: Changing Relations of Inter-dependence and Fertility Change

Kate Bloor
Feminist Analysis of Science and the Implications for Higher Education


Roger Slack
Reflexivity or Sociological Practice: A Reply to May

Tim May
Reflexivity in Social Life: A Rejoinder to Roger Slack


Peter Hodgkinson
Who Wants to be a Social Engineer? A Commentary on David Blunkett's Speech to the ESRC

Book Reviews

Reviews by Bob Sapey, Daniel Teghe, Dave Haans, Dave Randall, Dianne Phillips, Esther Dermott, Gaby Atfield, Heather Worth, Ian Procter, Kathy Davis, Kevin Hetherington, Mark Banks, Mark Sherry, Pnina Werbner, Tim Dant

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Volume 5, Issue 1, published 31st May, 2000