Sociological Research Online

Volume 4, Issue 3

Rapid Response/Sociology Online
The Genetic Modification of Food

Contributors: Anne Murcott, Les Gofton, Erica Haimes, Brigitte Nerlich, David Clarke, Robert Dingwall, Phil Sutton, Alison Shaw, Mark Harvey, Reidar Almas, Fred Buttel

For Sociology

Contributors: Geoff Cooper, Martyn Hammersley, Stevi Jackson, Tim May, Alan Aldridge


Angus Bancroft
'Gypsies To The Camps!': Exclusion and Marginalisation of Roma in the Czech Republic

Andrew Finlay
'Whatever You Say Say Nothing': an Ethnographic Encounter in Northern Ireland and its Sequel

Roberta Sassatelli
Fitness Gyms and the Local Organization of Experience

Brendan Halpin
Is Class Changing? A Work-Life History Perspective on the Salariat

Tim Strangleman, Emma Hollywood, Huw Beynon, Katy Bennett and Ray Hudson
Heritage Work: Re-Representing the Work Ethic in the Coalfields

William Housley
Role as an Interactional Device and Resource in Multidisciplinary Team Meetings

Michael Peters
(Posts-) Modernism and Structuralism: Affinities and Theoretical Innovations

Alana Lentin
Structure, Strategy, Sustainability: What Future for New Social Movement Theory?

Peter Chen and S. M. Hinton
Realtime Interviewing Using the World Wide Web

Book Reviews

Reviews by Tim Dant, David Francis, Richard Harper, Gail Hawkes, Pam Lowe, Kate Reed, Ralph Schroeder, Nick Stevenson

Books Received


Volume 4, Issue 3, published 30th September, 1999