Sociological Research Online

Volume 4, Issue 3

Rapid Response/Sociology Online

The Genetic Modification of Food

Anne Murcott
"Not Science but PR": GM Food and the Makings of a Considered Sociology

Les Gofton and Erica Haimes
Necessary Evils? Opening up Closings in Sociology and Biotechnology

Brigitte Nerlich, David Clarke and Robert Dingwall
The Influence of Popular Cultural Imagery on Public Attitudes Towards Cloning

Phil Sutton
Genetics and the Future of Nature Politics

Alison Shaw
"What are 'they' Doing to our Food?": Public Concerns about Food in the UK

Mark Harvey
Cultivation and Comprehension: How Genetic Modification Irreversibly Alters the Human Engagement with Nature

Reidar Almas
Food Trust, Ethics and Safety in Risk Society

Fred Buttel
Agricultural Biotechnology: Its Recent Evolution and Implications for Agrofood Political Economy


Volume 4, Issue 3, published 30th September, 1999