Sociological Research Online

Volume 4, Issue 2

Rapid Response/Sociology Online
Genocide, Terror, Violence, War

Contributors: Alan Scott, Larry Ray, Ronit Lentin, Martin Shaw, Mike Drake, R. Ruth Linden, John Goodwin, Katherine Hills, Zohl de Ishtar


Paul Stubbs
Virtual Diaspora?: Imagining Croatia On-line

Stanley Raffel
Revisiting Role Theory: Roles and the Problem of the Self

Katie MacMillan and Shelley McLachlan
Theory-Building with Nud.Ist: Using Computer Assisted Qualitative Analysis in a Media Case Study

Odette Parry, Carolyn Thomson and Gerry Fowkes
Life Course Data Collection: Qualitative Interviewing using the Life Grid

Massimo Repetti
Token Salaries and Social Answers in Work Relations in Africa

Sara Scott
Dancing to Different Tunes: A Reply to Responses to Here Be Dragons

Book Reviews

Reviews by Harris Ali, Edmund Chattoe, Rhonda Cockerill, Geoff Cooper, Dave Francis, Martin Holt, Hazel May, Liz Stanley, Tracey Warren

Books Received


Volume 4, Issue 2, published 30th June, 1999