Sociological Research Online

Volume 4, Issue 2

Rapid Response/Sociology Online

Genocide, Terror, Violence, War

Alan Scott
War and the Public Intellectual: Cosmopolitanism and Anti-Cosmopolitanism in the Kosovo Debate in Germany

Larry Ray
Memory, Trauma and Genocidal Nationalism

Ronit Lentin
The Rape of the Nation: Women Narrativising Genocide

Martin Shaw
The Kosovan War, 1998-99: Transformations of State, War and Genocide in the Global Revolution

Mike Drake
They Made a Desert and Called it Peace

R. Ruth Linden
Deportations and Discursive Displacements

John Goodwin and Katharine Hills
A View From Hong Kong: Chinese Representations of War, Violence and American Imperialism

Zohl de Ishtar
'War, Violence, Terror, Genocide' - The Pacific Experience

Book Review

Ronit Lentin: Gender & Catastrophe
Reviewed by Liz Stanley


Appeal for Funding: Medica Kosovo

Online Resources Relating to War and Genocide


Volume 4, Issue 2, published 30th June, 1999