Sociological Research Online

Volume 4, Issue 1

Rapid Response/Sociology Online
The Stephen Lawrence Murder and the Macpherson Inquiry and Report

Liz Stanley
Rapid Response/Sociology Online: The Stephen Lawrence Murder and the Macpherson Inquiry Report

Simon Holdaway
Understanding the Police Investigation of the Murder of Stephen Lawrence: A 'Mundane Sociological Analysis'

Kusminder Chahal
The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report, Racist Harassment and Racist Incidents: Changing Definitions, Clarifying Meaning?

Nira Yuval-Davis
Institutional Racism, Cultural Diversity and Citizenship: Some Reflections on Reading The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report

John Solomos
Social Research and the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry

Nigel Fielding
Policing's Dark Secret: The Career Paths of Ethnic Minority Officers

Larry Ray, David Smith and Liz Wastell
The Macpherson Report: A View from Greater Manchester

Floya Anthias
Institutional Racism, Power and Accountability

Martin Innes
Beyond the Macpherson Report: Managing Murder Inquiries in Context

Louis Kushnick
'Over Policed and Under Protected': Stephen Lawrence, Institutional and Police Practices

P. A. J. Waddington
Discretion, 'Respectability' and Institutional Police Racism

Online Resources Relating to the Macpherson Report


Volume 4, Issue 1, published 31st March, 1999