Sociological Research Online

Volume 4, Issue 1

Rapid Response/Sociology Online
The Stephen Lawrence Murder and the Macpherson Inquiry and Report

Contributors: Simon Holdaway, Kusminder Chahal, Nira Yuval-Davis, John Solomos, Nigel Fielding, Larry Ray, David Smith, Liz Wastell, Floya Anthias, Martin Innes, Louis Kushnick, P. A. J. Waddington

Social Transformation

Graham Crow and Tony Rees
'Winners' and 'Losers' in Social Transformations

Jennifer Jarman, Robert M. Blackburn, Bradley Brooks and Esther Dermott
Gender Differences at Work: International Variations in Occupational Segregation

Oswaldo H. Yamamoto and Antonio Cabral Neto
Sociology of Education and Marxism in Brazil

Rethinking Class

Max Travers
Qualitative Sociology and Social Class

katie j. ward
The Cyber-Ethnographic (Re)Construction of Two Feminist Online Communities

Annie Huntington
A Critical Response to Sara Scott's 'Here be Dragons: Researching the Unbelievable, Hearing the Unthinkable. A Feminist Sociologist in Uncharted Territory'

Sue Wise
Reading Sara Scott's 'Here Be Dragons'

Book Reviews

Reviews by Edmund Chattoe, Fiona Devine, Lena Dominelli, Ken Plummer, Elizabeth A. Stanko, Tom Woodhouse.

Books Received

Thanks to our non-Board referees for Volume 3


Volume 4, Issue 1, published 31st March, 1999