Volume 19, Issue 2, published 31 May 2014

Refereed General Articles

Parenting, Play and the Work-Family Interaction
by Stefano Ba'

Flanking Gestures: Gender and Emotion in Fieldwork
by Terressa Benz

Learning to Be Affected: Masculinities, Music and Social Embodiment
by Sam de Boise

Qualitative Upward Mobility, the Mass-Media and 'Posh' Masculinity in Contemporary North-East Britain: A Micro Sociological Case-Study
by Andreas Giazitzoglu

In This World but Not of It: Midwives, Amish, and the Politics of Power
by Natalie Jolly

Acculturation, Not Socialization, for African American Females in the STEM Fields
by Joretta Joseph

Talking Ties: Reflecting on Network Visualisation and Qualitative Interviewing
by Louise Ryan, Jon Mulholland and Agnes Agoston

An Intergenerational Approach to Transitions to Adulthood: The Importance of History and Biography
by Ann Nilsen and Julia Brannen

The Morality of the Social in Critical Accounts of Popular Music
by Andrew Whelan

Refereed Special Section: Happiness Studies

Introduction: Happiness Studies
by Mark Cieslik and David Bartram

Towards a Developmental Understanding of Happiness
by Alexandra Jugureanu, Jason Hughes and Kahryn Hughes

Happiness and Memory: Some Sociological Reflections
by Laura Hyman

Towards a Sociology of Happiness: The Case of an Age Perspective on the Social Context of Well-Being
by Christian Kroll

Where Happiness Varies: Recalling Adam Smith to Critically Assess the UK Government Project Measuring National Well-Being
by Jan Eichhorn

Positive Sociology and Appreciative Empathy: History and Prospects
by Neil Thin

Cognitive, Affective and Eudemonic Well-Being in Later Life: Measurement Equivalence over Gender and Life Stage
by Bram Vanhoutte and James Nazroo

Book Reviews

Whiteness Fractured by Levine-Rasky, Cynthia
Reviewed by Kerryn Husk

Documents of Life Revisited by Stanley, Liz
Reviewed by Jacques Human

Companions in Crime: The Social Aspects of Criminal Conduct (Cambridge Studies in Criminology) by Warr, Mark
Reviewed by Jessica Streeter

Books received