Volume 19, Issue 1, published 28 Feb 2014

Refereed General Articles

User Involvement in Mental Health Services: A Case of Power over Discourse
by Lydia Lewis

Teenage Mothers, Stigma and Their €Presentations of Self’
by Kyla Ellis-Sloan

Ethics into Violence and Abuse Research - a Positive Empowerment Approach
by Julia Downes, Liz Kelly and Nicole Westmarland

Multidimensional Deprivation in Contemporary Switzerland Across Social Groups and Time
by Mario Lucchini, Christine Butti, Jenny Assi, Dario Spini and Laura Bernardi

Quota Sampling as an Alternative to Probability Sampling? An Experimental Study
by Keming Yang and Ahmad Banamah

Researching the Intangible: A Qualitative Phenomenological Study of the Everyday Practices of Belonging
by Julia Bennett

Migration and Long-Distance Commuting Histories and Their Links to Career Achievement in Germany: A Sequence Analysis
by Gil Viry, Heiko Rüger and Thomas Skora

Occupy as a Free Space - Mobilization Processes and Outcomes
by Silke Roth, Clare Saunders and Cristiana Olcese

Positionality and Ethics in the Qualitative Research of Migrants’ Homes
by Anna Pechurina

Why Has Civic Education Failed to Increase Young People's Political Participation?
by Nathan Manning and Kathy Edwards

Refereed Rapid Response: Olympics 2012

Re-Constructing the Map: NBC's Geographic Imagination and the Opening Ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics
by Andrew Shears and Emily Fekete

Refereed Special Section: Attitudes: Ontology, Methodology, Impact
Guest Edited by Mark Elliot, David Voas and Alison Park

Introduction for Special Section: Attitudes: Ontology, Methodology, Impact
by Mark Elliot, David Voas and Alison Park

Towards a Sociology of Attitudes
by David Voas

Education, Social Attitudes and Social Participation Among Adults in Britain
by Lindsay Paterson

What’s Driving the Public? A Cross-Country Analysis of Political Attitudes, Human Values and Political Articulation
by Joakim Kulin and Alexander Seymer

Using Agent Based Modelling to Integrate Data on Attitude Change
by Edmund Chattoe-Brown

From Survey to Policy: Community Relations in Northern Ireland
by Paula Devine and Gillian Robinson

Attitudes to the Welfare State: A Systematic Review Approach to the Example of Ethnically Diverse Welfare States
by Trude Sundberg

Social Theory or Attitudinal Types: A Case Study of Attitudes Towards Relationships
by Laura Watt and Mark Elliot

Book Reviews

Gender (Key Concepts) (Polity Key Concepts in the Social Sciences Series) by Bradley, Harriet
Reviewed by Tristan Kennedy

Dangerous Others, Insecure Societies by Lianos, Michalis
Reviewed by Kevin Walby

Reclaiming the f Word by Redfern, Catherine and Aune, Kristin
Reviewed by Carli Rowell

Waiting for Jose by Shapira, Harel
Reviewed by Matthew Ward

Anti-Capital: Human, Social and Cultural by Tittenbrun, Jacek
Reviewed by Arick Dakessian

Social Media as Surveillance by Trottier, Daniel
Reviewed by Andrew Mason

Books received