Volume 16, Issue 3, published 31 Aug 2011

Refereed Articles

Downward Social Mobility Across Generations: The Role of Parental Mobility and Education
by Susanne Alm

The Modality of the Textual Institutionalisation of Literary Studies: Towards a Sociology
by Soh-young Chung

Is Social Mobility Really Declining? Intergenerational Class Mobility in Britain in the 1990s and the 2000s
by Yaojun Li and Fiona Devine

Post 'Celtic Tiger' Ireland, Silver Vigilantes and Public Sociology: Protesting Against Global Neoliberalisation
by Lee F. Monaghan

Death as a Fateful Moment? The Reflexive Individual and Scottish Funeral Practices
by Glenys Caswell

Fathers 'Care' Too: The Impact of Family Relationships on the Experience of Work for Parents of Disabled Children
by Katharine Venter

Preconditions for Citizen Journalism: A Sociological Assessment
by Hayley Watson

Keeping It Real!: Constructing and Maintaining Traditional Authenticity in a Tibetan Buddhist Organisation in Scotland
by John S. McKenzie

Paradoxes and Pitfalls in Using Fuzzy Set QCA: Illustrations from a Critical Review of a Study of Educational Inequality
by Barry Cooper and Judith Glaesser

Peer Reviewed Special Section: 60 Years of Impact - reflecting on 60 years of the BSA and British Sociology Articles

Editorial Introduction: John d Brewer and Jennifer Platt
by John D. Brewer and Jennifer Platt

Historical Documents

Bulletin: The Present State and Development of Professional Sociology
by Asher Tropp

Conversation with Anne Dix, 1992
by Richard Brown

Biological Reflections

On Being a Comparative Europeanist
by Colin Crouch

British Sociology: Gains and Losses
by John Hall

The Appeal of British Sociology; a View from Outside and Inside
by Barbara Misztal

Different Times, Different Places, Different Standpoints
by Ewa Morawska

Academic Sociology and Social Policy Think Tanks in Britain and Australia: A Personal Reflection
by Peter Saunders


Half-Remembrance of Things Past: Critics and Cuts of Old
by John Eldridge

Experimenting with Sociology: A View from the Outlook Tower
by Charlotte Bates

Subject Overviews

The Impact of Feminism on Sociology
by Sylvia Walby

Changing Perspectives in British Economic Sociology
by Duncan Gallie

The BSA and the Emergence of a 'Sociology of Food': A Personal View
by Anne Murcott


Ray Pahl's Sociological Career: Fifty Years of Impact
by Graham Crow and Naoko Takeda

Forty Four Years of Debate: The Impact of Race, Community and Conflict
by Robert Moore

Developments in British Sociology as Shown in British Sociology Journals
by Charles Crothers

Book Reviews

Security and Global Health by Elbe, Stefan
Reviewed by Keerty Nakray

Dialectic of Enlightenment: Critical Theory and the Messianic Light by Klapwijk, Jacob
Reviewed by Mark Dew

Making Sense of Everyday Life by Scott, Susie
Reviewed by Andrew Mason

Books received