Volume 12, Issue 3, published 29/5/2007

Peer Reviewed Articles

Sociological Engagements with Computing: the Advent of E-Science and Some Implications for the Qualitative Research Community
by Susan M. Hodgson and Tom Clark

Seduced or Sceptical Consumers? Organised Action and the Case of Fair Trade Coffee
by Janette Webb

Epistemology, Structure and Urgency: the Sociology of Financial and Scientific Journalists
by Geoff Cooper and Mary Ebeling

Special Section: Reusing Qualitative Data (Peer Reviewed)

(Re)Using Qualitative Data?
by Niamh Moore

Changing Social Class Identities in Post-War Britain: Perspectives from Mass-Observation
by Mike Savage

What's [Yet] to Be Seen? Re-Using Qualitative Data
by Elizabeth B. Silva

'Re-Using' Qualitative Data: on the Merits of an Investigative Epistemology
by Jennifer Mason

A Reflexive Account of Reusing Qualitative Data: Beyond Primary/secondary Dualism
by Libby Bishop

Commentary on 'a Reflexive Account of Reusing Qualitative Data: Beyond Primary/secondary Dualism' (Libby Bishop)
by Mildred Blaxter

Book Reviews

Ethnicity and Everyday Life (New Sociology) (New Sociology) by Karner, Christian
Reviewed by William Cross

Data Collection and Analysis 2nd Edition by Sapsford, Roger and Jupp, Victor (Editors)
Reviewed by Manish K. Thakur

Drugs in Britain: Supply, Consumption and Control by Simpson, M., Shildrick, T. & MacDonald, R. (eds.)
Reviewed by Edwin van Teijlingen

Gendering the Knowledge Economy: Comparative Perspectives by Walby, Sylvia, Heidi Gottfried, Karin Gottschall and Mari Osawa (eds)
Reviewed by Carrie Purcell

Books received