Books received from 18/2/2007 to 29/5/2007

Grbich, Carol
Qualitative Data Analysis: an Introduction
London: Sage Publications (2007)
ISBN (pb) 9781412921435 ISBN (hb) ---
Received 22/5/2007

Karner, Christian
Ethnicity and Everyday Life (New Sociology) (New Sociology)
London: Routledge (2007)
ISBN (pb) 0415370663 ISBN (hb) ---
Received 14/5/2007

Klett-Davies, Martina
Going It Alone?: Lone Motherhood in Late Modernity
Aldershot: Ashgate (2007)
ISBN (pb) 9780754643883 ISBN (hb) ---
Received 22/5/2007

Liamputtong, Pranee
Researching the Vulnerable
London: Sage Publications (2006)
ISBN (pb) 9781412912549 ISBN (hb) ---
Received 22/5/2007

Meyer, Anneke
The Child at Risk: Paedophiles, Media Responses and Public Opinion
: Manchester University Press (2007)
ISBN (pb) --- ISBN (hb) 9780719073441
Received 22/5/2007

Seale, Clive; Giampietro Gobo; Jaber F. Gubrium and Siverman, David (Editors)
Qualitative Research Practice
London: Sage Publications (2007)
ISBN (pb) 1412934206 ISBN (hb) ---
Received 22/5/2007