Volume 10, Issue 3, published 30/9/2005

Peer Reviewed Articles

Ethnicity, Class and the Earning Inequality in Israel, 1983-1995
   Nabil Khattab

Patriots of the Future? a Critical Examination of Community Cohesion Strategies in Contemporary Britain
   Derek McGhee

Accessing Habitus: Relating Structure and Agency Through Focus Group Research
   Gill Callaghan

The Gap and How to Mind It: Intersections of Class and Sexuality (Research Note)
   Yvette Taylor

Political Hyperlinking in South Korea: Technical Indicators of Ideology and Content
   Han Woo Park, Mike Thelwall and Randolph Kluver

Coming Home to Love and Class
   Paul Johnson and Steph Lawler

Research Ethics and the Governance of Research Projects: the Potential of Internet Home Pages
   Martyn Denscombe

Telling Identity Stories: The Routinisation of Racialisation of Irishness
   Elaine Moriarty

Understanding the Symbolic Idea of the American Dream and Its Relationship with the Category of 'Whiteness'
   Manuel Madriaga

Debate Section: Future Trends (Peer Reviewed)

A Child of Its Time: Hybridic Perspectives on Othering in Sociology
Liz Stanley

Comment & Contribution

Media Coverage of Sociology
   Annaliza Gaber

Fallacies in the Critique of Disciplinary Sociology
   John Scott

What is 'Human Society'?: A Response to Davetian
   Nicholas Gane

Capturing the Livingness and Liveliness of Critique-In-Action
   David Beer

Special Section: 'Social Futures? The Sociology of Substance and Shadow' (Peer Reviewed)
Guest Edited by Dave Morland, Diane Nutt, Steve Taylor, Andrea Abbas and Tony Chapman

by Dave Morland, Diane Nutt, Steve Taylor, Andrea Abbas and Tony Chapman

Too Close for Comfort? 'Race'and the Management of Proximity, Guilt and Other Anxieties in Paid Domestic Labour
   Esther Bott

Towards a Sociology of Endings
   Graham Crow

Are We All Europeans Now? Local, National and Supranational Identities of Young Adults
   Sue Grundy and Lynn Jamieson

The Captive Mother? the Place of Home in the Lives of Lone Mothers
   Emma Head

From 'Goods' to 'Bads'? Revisiting the Political Economy of Risk
   Gabe Mythen

Book Reviews

Understanding Everyday Life
Bennett, Tony and Diane Watson (Editors)
Reviewed by Maria Desougi

The Art of Sociological Argument
Crow, Graham
Reviewed by Vivienne Boon

Society and Nature
Dickens, Peter
Reviewed by Yves Laberge

Social Work: Theory and Practice for a Changing Profession
Dominelli, Lena
Reviewed by Wing Hong Chui

Reflections on Research: the Realities of Doing Research in the Social Sciences
Hallowell, Nina , Lawton, Julia and Gregory, Susan
Reviewed by Anne Townsend

Social Dynamics of the Life Course
Heinz, Walter R. and Victor W. Marshall
Reviewed by Dorothy Pawluch

Virtual Methods: Issues in Social Research on the Internet
Hine, Christine (Editor)
Reviewed by Samantha Holland

From Post-Industrial to Post-Modern Society: New Theories of the Contemporary World
Kumar, Krishan
Reviewed by Marco Trentini

Rampage: The Social Roots of School Shootings
Newman, Katherine S.
Reviewed by Scott Davies

Using Social Theory : Thinking Through Research
Pryke, Michael, Rose, Gillian and Whatmore, Sarah
Reviewed by Peter Hilger

Introduction to Social Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches
Punch, Keith F.
Reviewed by Sharon Brennan

A Pleasing Birth: Midwives and Maternity Care in the Netherlands
Vries, Raymond De
Reviewed by Peter McCaffery

Books received