Books received from 02/8/2005 to 10/11/2005

Aldridge, Alan
The Market (Key Concepts)
Cambridge: Polity Press (2005)
ISBN (pb) 0745632238 ISBN (hb) 074563222X
Received 10/8/2005

Baert, Patrick
Philosophy of the Social Sciences
Cambridge: Polity Press (2005)
ISBN (pb) 074562247X ISBN (hb) ---
Received 01/11/2005

Bauman, Zygmunt
Work, Consumerism and the New Poor (Issues in Society) 2nd Edition
Buckingham: Open University Press (2004)
ISBN (pb) 033521598X ISBN (hb) 0335215998
Received 10/8/2005

Calhoun, Craig, Rojek, Chris and Turner, Bryan
The SAGE Handbook of Sociology
London: Sage Publications (2005)
ISBN (pb) --- ISBN (hb) 0761968210
Received 10/8/2005

Coffey, Amanda
Reconceptualizing Social Policy
Buckingham: Open University Press (2004)
ISBN (pb) 0335206298 ISBN (hb) ---
Received 09/10/2005

Dant, Tim
Discourse and Material Culture
Buckingham: Open University Press (2004)
ISBN (pb) 033520855X ISBN (hb) ---
Received 20/10/2005

Denzin, Norman K. and Lincoln, Yvonna S. (Editors)
The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research: Third Edition
London: Sage Publications (2005)
ISBN (pb) --- ISBN (hb) 0761927573
Received 10/8/2005

Erickson, Mark
Science, Culture, and Society: Understanding Science in the Twenty-First Century
Cambridge: Polity Press (2005)
ISBN (pb) 074562975X ISBN (hb) 0745629741
Received 10/8/2005

Gilbert, Nigel and Troitzsch, Klaus G
Simulation for the Social Scientist: Second Edition
Buckingham: Open University Press (2005)
ISBN (pb) 0335216005 ISBN (hb) ---
Received 10/8/2005

Haller, Dieter and Shore, Cris (Editors)
Corruption : Anthropological Perspectives (Anthropology, Culture and Society)
London: Pluto Press (2005)
ISBN (pb) 0745321577 ISBN (hb) ---
Received 10/8/2005

Kitzinger, Sheila
The Politics of Birth
Amsterdam: Elsevier (2005)
ISBN (pb) 0750688769 ISBN (hb) ---
Received 10/8/2005

Matravers, Matt
Politics and the Culture of Control
London: Routledge (2005)
ISBN (pb) --- ISBN (hb) 0415348056
Received 10/8/2005

Osgood, D. Wayne, Foster, E. Michael, Flanagan, Constance and Ruth, Gretchen R.
On Your Own Without a Net : the Transition to Adulthood for Vulnerable Populations (the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Series on Mental Health and De)
Chicago: University of Chicago Press (2005)
ISBN (pb) --- ISBN (hb) 0226637832
Received 15/10/2005

Reese, Ellen
Backlash Against Welfare Mothers : Past and Present
Berkeley, CA: University of California Press (2005)
ISBN (pb) 0520244621 ISBN (hb) ---
Received 01/11/2005

Tsui, Ming-sum
Social Work Supervision : Contexts and Concepts (SAGE Sourcebooks for the Human Services)
London: Sage Publications (2004)
ISBN (pb) 0761917675 ISBN (hb) ---
Received 10/8/2005

Viswanathan, Madhu
Measurement Error and Research Design
London: Sage Publications (2005)
ISBN (pb) 1412906423 ISBN (hb) ---
Received 10/8/2005