Volume 10, Issue 1, published 07/4/2005

Peer Reviewed Articles

The Memory-History-Popular Culture Nexus: Pearl Harbor As a Case Study in Consumer-Driven Collective Memory
Patricia Leavy

The Geographical Mobility, Preferences and Pleasures of Prolific Punters: a Demonstration Study of the Activities of Prostitutes' Clients
Keith Soothill and Teela Sanders

The Diversity of State Benefit Dependent Lone Mothers: the Use of Type Categories As an Analytical Tool
Martina Klett-Davies

Toys for Boys? Women's Marginalization and Participation As Digital Gamers
Garry Crawford and Victoria Gosling

The Digital Revolution in Qualitative Research: Working with Digital Audio Data Through Atlas.Ti
Will Gibson, Peter Callery, Malcolm Campbell, Andy Hall and Dave Richards

Debate Section: Future Trends

Comment and Contribution

Current Issues and Future Trends in Sociology: Extending the Debate in Sociological Research Online

Gayle Letherby

Sociology and Its Others: Reflections on Disciplinary Specialisation and Fragmentation
John Scott

Rapid Response: Tsunami disaster (Peer Reviewed)

Tsunami Diplomacy: Will the 26 December, 2004 Tsunami Bring Peace to the Affected Countries?
Ilan Kelman

Special Section: Working Visually (Peer Reviewed)
Guest Edited by Susan Halford and Caroline Knowles

More Than Words: Some Reflections on Working Visually
Susan Halford and Caroline Knowles

Kalighat, the Home of Goddess Kali: the Place Where Calcutta is Imagined Twice: a Visual Investigation into the Dark Metropolis
Erica Barbiani

Social Life Under the Microscope?
Monika Büscher

The Fabric of Society: Using Visual Methods to Investigate the Experience of Wearing Denim Clothing
Fiona Candy

The Photograph in Theory
Elizabeth Chaplin

Photography: Making and Breaking Racialised Boundaries: an Essay in Reflexive, Radical, Visual Sociology.
Max Farrar

Book Reviews

Cyberstalking: Harrassment in the Internet Age
Bocij, Paul
Reviewed by Jody Mellor

The Survey Methods Workbook
Buckingham, Alan and Peter Saunders
Reviewed by Iain Lang

Accomodating Diversity: National Policies That Prevent Ethnic Conflict
Deutscher, Irwin
Reviewed by Timothy J. White

Media, Politics and the Network Society
Hassan, Robert
Reviewed by Javier Alcade

Race and Social Analysis
Knowles, Caroline
Reviewed by Samantha Holland

Social Theory: the Multicultural and Classic Readings 3rd Edition
Lemert, Charles (Editor)
Reviewed by Melissa Dearey

Looking West: Cultural Globalization and Russian Youth Cultures
Pilkington, Hilary; Elena Omel'chenko; Moya Flynn; Ul'iana Bliudina; Elena Starkova
Reviewed by Harry Blatterer

Focus Group Practice
Puchta, Claudia and Jonathan Potter
Reviewed by Rose Barbour

Race, Ethnicity and Difference
Ratcliffe, Peter
Reviewed by Bertha Yakubu

Internet in Everyday Life
Wellman, Barry and Haythornthwaite, Caroline
Reviewed by Kris Cohen

Books received