Books received from 25/11/2004 to 06/4/2005

Bills, David B.
The Sociology of Education and Work
Blackwell Publishers (2004)
ISBN (pb) 0631223630
Received 23/1/2005

Binnie, Jon
The Globalization of Sexuality
Sage Publications (2004)
ISBN (pb) 076195936x
Received 12/2/2005

Henry, Clement
Living in Scotland : Social and Economic Change Since 1980
Edinburgh University Press (2004)
ISBN (pb) 074861785x
Received 13/1/2005

Kirkpatrick, Graeme
Critical Technology: a Social Theory of Personal Computing
Ashgate (2004)
ISBN (hb) 0754640094
Received 20/2/2005

Kumar, Krishan
From Post-Industrial to Post-Modern Society: New Theories of the Contemporary World
Blackwell Publishers (2005)
ISBN (pb) 1405114290
Received 05/4/2005

Malesevic, Sinisa
The Sociology of Ethnicity
Sage Publications (2004)
ISBN (pb) 0761940421
Received 01/3/2005

Settersten, Richard A. Jr., Furstenberg, Frank F. and Rumbaut, Ruben G. (Editors)
On the Frontier of Adulthood : Theory, Research, and Public Policy
University of Chicago Press (2005)
ISBN (hb) 0226748898
Received 17/3/2005

Strangleman, Tim
Work Identity at the End of the Line? : Privatisation and Culture Change in the UK Rail Industry
Palgrave Publishing (2004)
ISBN (hb) 1403939802
Received 29/11/2004

Tsui, Ming-sum
Social Work Supervision : Contexts and Concepts (Sage Sourcebooks for the Human Services)
Sage Publications (2004)
ISBN (pb) 0761917675
Received 20/3/2005

Vries, Raymond De
A Pleasing Birth: Midwives and Maternity Care in the Netherlands
Stanford University Press (2005)
ISBN (pb) 1592131034
Received 04/3/2005

Webster, Colin, Simpson, Donald, MacDonald, Robert, Abbas, Andrea, Cieslik, Mark, Shildrick, Tracy and Simpson, Mark
Poor Transitions: Social Exclusions and Young Adults
Policy Press (2004)
ISBN (pb) 1861346506
Received 10/1/2005